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Images could value lots to supply or acquire, consequently deed nice an excellent tiny state in an exceedingly great keys to press shot anyone thought area unit excellent cannot single waste varied time, however further significantly, money. Repair Pixels have worked in a whole lot involving services most through the world for you to enhance its pictures by THE Photoshop retouching SERVICE – removing spots or maybe blemishes returning from pictures,

Image Editing Asia Image Editing Asia

additionally AS further advanced color correction work. We area unit able to take away ugly marks by concerning any surface AND ensure your pictures are typically perfect throughout each approach. in all probability you wish the model’s teeth for you to become whiter compared to white, wish to be able to take away a background – BC may step throughout to make sure that your current pictures area unit finished specifically your approach an individual wish them.

Whether you wish to fill out an excellent heat AND glow for you to an honest image supposed for a magazine layout, or maybe restore skin details AND conjointly texture so as to an excellent icon The item ‘m mysterious, Repair Pixels have your own experience additionally AS setup to quickly additionally TO with efficiency. Once I will improve natural colors additionally AS tone to assist outside pictures, or fill in new parts for you to indoor icon shoots. No matter an individual would like, MY PERSONAL image process suppliers will definitely facilitate.

Could You Be Facing Any of These Problems?

  • Trying to retouch photo but the automated tools and clipping path service aren't satisfactory?
  • Attempting to separate objects from photographs to utilize them in various backgrounds but you are unable to do so in a professional way?
  • Are you forced to change the image object every day for your business' sake but the photographers tend to charge overrated prices for low-quality photos?

Our offshore visual studio is visible in one of the time-frame or maybe night additionally TO i will give quotes with single hour of submission. Thus notwithstanding whether or not you need to require an excellent plan of associate degree choices, or would like an excellent rush task dole out nightlong, once I will definitely facilitate. My very own skilled Photoshop retouching specialist’s area unit able to tackle concerning associate degree career – by an excellent straightforward fly correction to assist an overall overhaul involving multiple visible parts.

Moreover, my spousal equivalent and that i give twenty four hour mail at the side of on-line support, consequently a personal will turn out an honest inquiry additionally TO rest safe and sound for the information the concept sole involving MY friendly advisors is capable to change you to no matter one’s time-frame related to day.

In fashion industry main thing is image, this is why photo retouching is needed here most of the time. Photographers takes lots of photos but all the photos are not good looking this is why they need to retouch the photo slightly. Sometime buggy thing on an image can be spoil the image here need tot do some retouching work.

In fashion house’s images are basically use in magazine ad design, this is why photo need to be so clear and attractive too, this is why photo retouching is very much needed.

Image Editing Asia Image Editing Asia
Image Editing Asia Image Editing Asia

there are a lot of people they really don’t know why fashion industries need photo editing or photo retouching, I can say this in one sentence through an example like generally, we are beautiful as a human being but sometimes we decorate ourselves to make ourselves look attractive to make people attracted to us.

Photo editing Or Photo retouching is one kind of work like this. The photographer captures the photoshoots but sometimes it’s a need to correct the images like increasing the lighting-exposer-decreasing the extra brightness-contrast, removing the blemishes-facial spots-acne-wrinkles-unwanted object from photos-add more extra detailed, add hue & saturation or color balance, color correction, whitening the image, making the subject of image attractive &, etc. this really needs to make the photos more smooth-more attractive-more professional to show it on the magazine or social media sites.

Photo Retouching Service helps you get the best photo editing service to the customers. Photo Editing and Retouching services are a necessary in the fashion industry. The old aged images fade over a period of time and would require photo repair. We undertake small / large volumes of PHOTO RESTORATION & RETOUCHING PROJECTS and deliver high quality enhanced images in minimum turnaround time at reasonable and affordable prices.


Fashion industry mainly works on impeccable presentation of things attracting onlookers with the product services and quality. There are specific reasons that Fashion industry use these effective services for their imaging solutions.


Lets start with free trial. We offer 3 image for free

Free Trial !


Do you offer a free trial order?

Yes, we do offer free trial before placing first order. You are welcomed to provide 3 images including all your requirements. As we believe in building long term business relationship with our clients by being an efficient and trustworthy partner.

How do I send and receive my images?

Though we have built-in option in our website to offer you flexible up and download of images, but you can also send and receive images through,,google plus, and other FTP servers you like.

What type of file can I send you?

As we mostly recommend to send us JPG files. But you are free to share any kind of file type like JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, DNG, ARW, CR2, NEF, CIFF anything which fits your requirement.

Is my FTP account safe and secure?

Yes, your FTP account is totally safe and secure. As our FTP comes with unique username and password against each and every individual customer.

Do you save all my uploaded files?

Yes, your original uploaded image file will be saved on our secure database for 60 days, and the folder will be named with the person/company name by which you signed in.

Will you use my images for another purpose?

Not at all, as we are highly professional and always intend to secure your images from any type of miss use in any kind of situation.

Do i need to pay in advance?

As we believe in quality work. So it’s not necessary pay until we finish the work with your full satisfaction.

What are your working hours?

Our production house works from Monday 7 AM till Saturday 7 AM. We are open 24 hours a day. Try us! We maintainshifting working hour for our production team, so we are available 24 hour from Monday to Saturday

How do I pay for your services?

We mostly accept Pay Pal, so that you can pay through your PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, Solo or Direct Debit. Or you can also transfer money directly to our bank account. We prefer to be paid after completion a bunch of work and also offer invoice if you needed.

Can I pay monthly for your service?

Yes, if you send us work regularly, we prefer to be paid monthly instead of work basis. In that case we maintain single invoice against all different order which comes with Service description, Order date, Image quantity, Unit price etc .

What happens if I found any problem with any completed images?

At Background Change,our highly skilled professional graphic designer deals with your images very carefully.And we never expect to happen something like this. But in case of unfortunate situation, just drop us an email and our company will take immediate step to redo your work which is absolutely free.

Although, you can reject images through our website. Your payment will be added to your My Credit, which value can be adjusted with your next order.

Do you offer your services from any country?

Yes, is a global site to offer services from any country of the world.

Do you have any minimum order requirment?

Absolutely not, you can place us order with whatever image quantity you have. Quantity doesn’t matter you always get the best from us.

Why choose Background Change?

As offering best service in reasonable price in market with quick turnaround time.So please feel free to contact with all your requirements. Here an all-round customer support waits for you.


Background change could also be the define meant to use the pen tool with the graphic redaction package removing the graphic through this is often background. with associate degree general your concerned elements of a photograph is adjusted by creating use of Background change,

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