Ghost Effect/Neck Joint

Image manipulation may be a extremely common part in MY PERSONAL portfolio relating to image treatment suppliers AND is also typically a specialized space connected with visual style during which involves shipping single portion of any visual additionally AS mixing the thought in another. Ones intention is really to assist Develop a finished composition they'll be seamless additionally TO appearance natural – uniting your own best qualities connected with every image. Repair Pixels options sizable expertise concerning this extremely practiced place relating to aesthetic process. after I offer the foremost ones connected with visual manipulation – from adding speed effects or even dramatic lighting changes, so as to manipulating perspective AND conjointly scenic interpolations. Perhaps,

Ghost Maneequin Services Ghost Maneequin Services

meant for instance, you want to get rid of an excellent mannequin via an image AND conjointly replace this employing a copy of the background to assist offer the illusion of the fill photograph. Right when my very own practiced operatives have worked it's magic; you’d ne'er perceive that the finished creation are going to be not your own original.

The art related to visible manipulation needs one thing over merely simply technical skills AND conjointly experience – This wants the high level relating to ability additionally TO expertise for you to grasp ones easiest method of presenting a photograph. we tend to perform closely with no customers to be able to acknowledge what they need to realize later on precisely concerning manufacturing this happens – proficiently additionally TO diligently.

i UTILIZE several visual manipulation software system packages almost like Photoshop AND artist, during which means that It we'll money dealing throughout the kind of move into ADDITION TO will export to assist whichever format is best relating to you.

Ghost mannequins come up with a lot of benefits. You should know when to use it so that you can make your business improve. When your product images improve, you will reap the benefits of increased sales.

Particularly common in business publication organizations, MY visual manipulation operatives will then run so as to a decent exacting AND extremely comprehensive transient – ensuing inside flawed pictures of that won’t fail for you to impress. regardless of whether or not you would like to get ones final fantasy beach for an excellent magazine feature, additionally as would like so as to composite another solutions straight into an equivalent image relating to a listing, Repair Pixels may handle the task. THE operatives typically square measure extremely practiced along side right when four many years coaching on the graphic Arts Institute, members of CPI graduate with a certificate inside visible style, well-equipped so as to deal through the exacting visual manipulation Demands connected with MY shoppers..


Photos that bring your products to life are essential to generating sales. For fashion retailers especially, that means having real people wearing and using your product.

Live models can be expensive, make scheduling difficult and be unreliable at times. A mannequin, on the other hand, is a smart one-time investment. But you don’t want to showcase the mannequin. That’s when the ghost mannequin comes in.

Whether you need the entire mannequin or just a neck or a joint, professionally edited ghost mannequins will give your product depth. The more natural-looking photos appeal to customers, as they can envision themselves wearing your clothing and accessories. We’re here to help you sell more products with high-quality images.

Ghost Maneequin Services Ghost Maneequin Services
Ghost Maneequin Services Ghost Maneequin Services

Posing a model or mannequin

It is not always attractive to promote the product through a dummy or a model. That is why retailers want the manikins and models to seem invisible. To add a ghost mannequin, you will first need to capture products worn by mannequins. Dummies should be done from various angles. Our service is to show the unique shape and fit of each product. You must use a static pose for real models and tie up the long hair. manikin helps in getting the view right. The garment worn by the model or manikin should fit.

High-quality photography

To execute ghost mannequin technique you need to hire high-quality reproduction. If you lower the quality of the product, less will be the ghost manikin effect on these images. When you take a picture of any product, make sure you place the camera in front of the area you are photographing. Also, ensure that the background is white.

  • After the photography, import these photographs to your computer. Open up Photoshop, and then follow these steps: Open the image of manikin shot as well as top-down photoshop image. Then take the manikin photo and start creating a layer for the background. Fill the sheets with white color, which will act as a background for the product. You can also label the layers for avoiding confusion. Next, you should select your manikin dress using your favorite Photoshop selection tool. Now, you have both the product and manikin. You must cut the dummy and the background without disturbing the product. Go to select menu and use refine edge tools to improve the edges and mask, to gain a clean finished look.
  • After refining, repeat the first three steps you did with your manikin image. We see that one picture dressed on a manikin and the other image was taken flat down without a manikin. This will help you to understand the back of the product. After removing the manikin, it will appear like a perfect ghost illusion.

Now is the time to combine images. Both the photos must have clean and tight masks. By dragging the hood over the manikin image, arrange the layers from top to bottom. Adjust the positioning of the top-down layer and place it behind the manikin. After this, remove the unwanted parts of the top layers. Hide the manikin layer now. And that’s how you add a ghost manikin to your image.


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Background change could also be the define meant to use the pen tool with the graphic redaction package removing the graphic through this is often background. with associate degree general your concerned elements of a photograph is adjusted by creating use of Background change.

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